10 Awesome Fashion Tips For Stylish Women

Fashion Tips For Stylish Women

Standing out from the crowd is what every woman wishes! And to make it possible, dear ladies, you need to put in some effort. From choosing a dress for your workout session to going out with your friends in the evening, you need to be at your best. If you are somebody who doesn’t find the right dress for the right occasion, then you are not alone. There are very few women who know how to be picture perfect and be ready for the coming event with a perfect dress. Here are some amazing fashion tips for stylish women who radiate their feminine grace:

#1 Shop according to your Body type

There are basically five types of body types of women: apple, pear, hourglass, spoon, or rectangle. When you know your type, this will help you to dress better. To keep your body in shape, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle.

  • Apple shape body: You can try wrap, peplum, dolman sleeves, or V-neck tops and slim, flared, or bootcut jeans to flaunt your body. Pointy-toe shoes will go best with the outfit.
  • Pear shape body: Wear clothes that must accentuate your upper half.
  • Hourglass body: V-neck tops look great on an hourglass body pairing it with high-waisted jeans.
  • Spoon shaped body: A-line dress will look for on spoon-shaped body
  • Rectangle-shaped body: Round neck with loose and wide sleeves top pairing it with bootcut flare jeans.

#2 Invest in Good Quality Pieces

When you wear clothes made up of natural fabrics, not only do you feel good about yourself, but also it boosts your overall looks. Always check whether the fabric is made up of 100% natural materials. It is skin-friendly, easy to wash, and lasts longer. Another thing that you must check is the cloth construction. Make sure to do an initial test by holding the garment up and stretching it to see whether the light is passing through it or not. The stitches must be tight, so no light comes through them.

#3 Say No to too many Accessories

Accessories can make you look stylish and attractive. You can draw a lot of attention by wearing some nice pieces. But, you need to stop over-accessorizing. It can ruin your overall look, like wearing two or more neckpieces, piercing your ears unnecessarily so you can wear a lot of studs is a big No-No.

#4 Don’t forget to pay attention to details

Details are important which are often ignored. People can notice the unpolished shoes that you might have ignored. Your tacky earrings can ruin the overall look that you might have found attractive. To have a polished, neat, and classy look, ladies, you need to be ready from tip to toe.

#5 Declutter Your Wardrobe

Have you bought something in the sale? Regretting your choice? It happens with everybody. That’s why you should declutter your wardrobe once in a while. So, you can add some new dresses. To look trendy, you need to follow what’s new and fashionable. At the same time discard the old clothes.

#6 Keep some White Tees

The white tees can never go out of style. White T-shirts are an affordable option for all seasons and reasons. Whether you’re buying tees from the local supermarket or a high-end fashion chain, white tees can elevate your looks immediately. V-neck White tees give a trendy look that makes your upper half eye-catching. Comfy white tees are a breathable and flexible option for your visits to a local coffee shop with friends.

#7 Tailor Clothing to Fit your Body

When we buy clothes online or from shops, they are not generally of our size. Buying clothes that fit your body is always a great choice. If you are planning to go for any special occasion, tailor your cloth according to your requirements. Tailored clothes are unique.

#8 Learn how to layer

Layering your clothes is an art. When you are in doubt and unsure whether your tees are looking great on you, feel free to layer it with a shrug or a jacket.

#9 Understand The Color Wheel

Never wear more than three colors in the same outfit. Understanding the color wheel is important for fashion ladies. You must know how to combine colors and make an outstanding outfit to look put together.

#10 Buy Belts of many types

Belts are a necessity for a classy lady. Belts are must-haves for office-going ladies and for most casual outfits too. Belts are used for various reasons, not just for holding up your jeans or skirts. They instantly elevate the looks and serve the potential to be a statement or finishing piece. When you need to add a dash of color between your upper half and lower half, there’s nothing more appealing than a belt in the midsection. You can make any simple t-shirts or top appear classy by adding a belt to it.

The bottom line:

Step out with confidence, and it’s the key to look amazing and appealing to everybody. Your fashion sense can help you create a great impression on others and you’ll feel great about yourself. Wear clothes that reflect your personality and keep updating your wardrobe with the latest trendy clothes.