Airbnb Scavenger Hunt Experiences: Tips & Advice

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Exploring beautiful parts of the world, renting affordable accommodations, and experiencing new things sounds like the perfect dream these days. If you’ve got the time and opportunity to travel, don’t hold back and go wherever you can within your means. Ever since Airbnb has become popular, travelers love the benefits these experiences bring along and seem interested in having more of this service. Keeping this in mind, Airbnb has brought a new experience to the table called “scavenger hunts,” where travelers make itineraries and recommendation lists for newcomers to make their time even better.

These experiences are mini-challenges where travelers make teams to complete all points marked in a particular scavenger hunt and share their feelings later. If you’re regular with Airbnb and wish to try a scavenger hunt this time, we have some tips and pieces of advice to make it more interesting for you. Read on to know more about Airbnb scavenger hunts!

Thoroughly Look at the Scavenger Hunt

You don’t want to feel lost midway through a scavenger hunt, nor do you wish to put yourself through a risky situation. To avoid these risks, thoroughly look at a scavenger hunt and all tasks added to it beforehand. Since Airbnb scavenger hunts are made by travelers with all sorts of interests and preferences, some of them might not be to your taste. Therefore, it’s better to test the waters before getting in.

Make Teams

Scavenger hunts are way more fun when you have equally excited teammates along. When you stay in a famous Airbnb property, you’ll likely encounter some fellows interested in the same scavenger hunt as you: partner with them. If you have difficulty making a team for this experience, it’s better to wait instead of going in alone because things can sometimes take strange turns. But if you’re one daring soul and you’re all set to start a scavenger hunt alone, keep a self defense flashlight stun gun or any other self defense tool with you to be safe.

Keep Each Other Posted

Teammates should keep each other in a loop during the scavenger hunt so that everyone is aware of the latest happenings. This rule specifically applies to extreme adventures where the chances of someone losing the track are higher. When everyone follows the same map/itinerary, and there’s clear communication between the team members, the whole scavenger hunt experience feels even more exciting. Also, if you’re embarking on a completely unknown journey (like a walk through the nearby jungle), don’t forget your self defense flashlight stun gun because your safety is more important than everything else.

Decide a Touchpoint

If the Airbnb scavenger hunt you’re opting for is pretty intense, decide on a touchpoint where all teammates will meet after a certain time. Doing so will bring a sense of community to the entire experience and give everyone a chance to share their thoughts about the whole adventure. Remember, Airbnb experiences always focus on building new communities; the scavenger hunts are no exception.

Be Aware of the Surroundings

Roaming in unknown places is never free of risks, especially when you’re alone or out of the station. But if your self defense mechanism is strong, you can rise above these challenges and have a great time wherever you go. Always keep a self defense flashlight stun gun or any other personal safety gizmo with you to deter potential threats and feel more confident. Also, an updated map of the region you’re staying in and contact information of local authorities are also essential for a great Airbnb experience. Do your research, be vigilant, and never let your guard down during such adventures.

Final Thoughts

Airbnb scavenger hunts are new and exciting. Tourists in different countries have started making these scavenger hunts and itineraries for new travelers so that they can experience the same things. If you have found an Airbnb scavenger hunt, plan it with your fellow travelers or roommates, and you’ll love this experience. One tip you should never forget is prioritizing your safety and well-being because trying new things is not always safe. A self defense flashlight stun gun will be your good friend during these hunts because it boosts your morale and helps you deal with unforeseen risky situations.